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Smalle Technologies appears this month, June 2018, in an article on the webpage of the Spanish Aquaculture Cluster Acuiplus. The article deals with some aspects related to the activity of Smalle Tech, such as the technological changes or the sustainability concerns in the marine fish farm sector.

The Spanish Aquaculture Cluster Acuiplus publishes on its webpage a collection of articles called ‘Current Issues’, that treat on relevant topics for the marine fish farm sector. The third issue of the collection is about sustainable technological development, a topic directly related to Smalle Technologies. The article shows the autonomous sensors that Smalle manufactures, intended for sea water monitoring, that contributes to a more efficient and sustainable management of the farms. Moreover, the article also discusses wave power generators that Smalle Tech develops, which are a clean and renewable source of electric energy for fish farms.

The article can be found in the following link: